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Loch Lomond Veterinary Hospital

Fast and Accurate Diagnostic Services

At Loch Lomond Veterinary Hospital, our extensive in-house lab allows us to deliver precise results as part of our animal diagnostic services. Using state-of-the-art technology, get faster results at our hospital without waiting for external lab results to come in. We provide the following diagnostic services:

  • In-House Analyzers
  • Ultrasound sonography
  • Shockwave therapies
  • Digital radiology

Advanced Technology for Your Animal

To recommend the best course of treatment for your animal, our in-house lab can perform chemistry profiles, blood counts, fecal exams, urinalysis, and more. Our analyzers give fast and accurate results, allowing us to diagnose and treat in one visit. If you want to schedule an appointment or learn more about our diagnostic services,  give our clinic a call .


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